Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ahead Start

Well I was finally able to get down in my craft room and make some Christmas cards for a class I have been wanting to do. I made three different ones. Now one I did CASE from the SCS gallery. Can't say who it was made from originally as there were quite a few people who also CASEd it. Sorry to the designer of the card and thank you to you too for making it!! You will also notice that one of them is similar to the one from the catalog. I did do it alittle differently. I made a few slight changes. I want people to see that you don't HAVE to be a "creative" person to make cards. You can copy from the catalog and/or make changes like I did. The third card I did come up on my own.

I'm holding 3 classes making these in October. I thought it would be a good way to get started with my classes and this way people can get the head start on there Christmas cards. Maybe I will too....other than the three I already made as the sample cards. LOL
Enjoy and happy crafting,


tania said...

Beautiful.. what colour is that yellow-y one on the ornament card?

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